Lion King Cast & Crew


AveryAvery L. (Young Nala)
Last appeared as Dragon in Shrek. Also played Aquana in Center Stage’s The Little Mermaid and Brigitta in her church’s production of The Sound of Music. Member of 2013 All-State Choir and her elementary school choir.




Corinne (Sarabi)Corinne C. (Sarabi)
Corinne is happy to return to Center Stage for her fifth production. Previous plays include Mulan, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and most recently Shrek. She has enjoyed the chance to grow and learn as an actress with each new theater production. Corinne’s other interests include arts and crafts, Brownies, and gymnastics.



Elijah D. (Ed)
Center Stage’s production of Disney’s The Lion King, Jr. marks Elijah’s stage debut. He swims for the Colorado Torpedoes and is a member of his school’s Destination Imagination team. He loves sharing his faith and being hands on with technology. His parents and sister are proud to see him on stage, doing what he enjoys.


EmeryEmery (Banzai)
Previously appeared in Shrek as Pinocchio and in Pinocchio as Sue the Fairy. Also sings in her school choir and looks forward in participating in cheer and gymnastics.




Emily (Banzai)Emily S. (Banzai)
Emily is honored to return for her second production with Center Stage. Her acting career began in Texas at the age of three when she attended a Musical Arts Preschool and performed in arrangements of The Nutcracker and Alice In Wonderland. Other Texas productions included Judy B. Jones and The Sound of Music. Since moving to the Springs in 2014, she has been in several productions including adaptations of PinnochioFrozen, and most recently Tarzan. When not acting, Emily enjoys singing, dancing, arts and crafts, and playing with her sister.

EstherEsther (Scar)
This is Esther’s first show. She is very excited to be part of this amazing cast!






faythFayth C. (Adult Simba)
Vice-President of school’s drama club. Member of Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale. Plays bass for her school’s orchestra and also plays guitar, piano, and violin. Enjoys singing, anything musical, and reading.




IMG_2281Hunter R. (Scar)
Hunter is extremely excited to return for his third production with Center Stage. He debuted in Pinocchio and last spring was cast as Lord Faquaad in Shrek. Previous acting experience was with ACT as Kaa in The Jungle Book and he started his acting career with the Millibo Art Theater (MAT) where he performed in several shows including When I Was a Pirate, Where the Wild Things Are, The Gingerbread Man, and Boo in June. Although acting is his main passion, he also enjoys singing, reading, and soccer.


Jaiden (Adult Simba) Jaiden J. (Adult Simba)
Jaiden is thrilled to return to Center Stage for her sixth production.  She has evolved into a passionate actress and is grateful for the opportunity to develop her skills.  Her favorite role to date was as “Peter” in Peter Pan, additionally she performed in The Little Mermaid, Annie, Pinocchio and Shrek.  In her free time, Jaiden enjoys playing basketball, painting, listening to Bruno Mars and “roasting” her older brother.  Additionally she has served on the student council and participated in Girl Scouts for several years.


IMG_4948Jaycee J. (Adult Nala)
Jaycee is elated to rejoin cast mates for her 6th production with Center Stage.  She fully enjoys the experience, friendship and opportunity to develop her acting and singing skills.  Her favorite role to date was as “Wendy” in Peter Pan; additionally she performed in The Little Mermaid, Annie, Pinocchio and Shrek.  When Jaycee is not rehearsing with friends or her sister, she enjoys running track, playing golf, singing in choir, making funny videos and participating in Girl Scouts.


Karissa S. (Young Simba)
This is Karissa’s initial production with Center Stage. She is 11 years old and in the 6th grade. Prior to this she was involved in several plays with Academy Children’s Theater (ACT) including: Wizard of Oz (Fairy Ballerina), Little Mermaid (Aqua The Fish), Jungle Book (Monkey), Toy Story (Jesse), Suessical The Musical (Cadet Sylvia McBean), The Lion King (Shenzi), Frozen (Sven), Mary Poppins (Mrs. Banks), Peter Pan (Smee), and Aladdin (Jasmine). At Chinook Trail Elementary, Karissa preformed as Granny in the Granny Awards. She keeps busy with a number of activities such as; soccer, basketball, guitar, and trombone. She has been a member of the Colorado Springs Children Chorale and selected to sing with the District 20 Honor Choir and the Colorado Elementary All-State Choir.



Kate (Pumbaa)Kate Y. (Pumbaa)
This is Kate’s third production with Center Stage.  She debuted as a fairy and mermaid in Peter Pan and last fall was cast in Pinocchio as the Blue Fairy.  In her free time, Kate enjoys being with her friends, riding bikes and hiking, and watching “Doctor Who” with her parents and little brother.



IMG_2278Katie R. (Rafiki)
Katie is happy to return for her second production with Center Stage. She debuted in Shrek as a guard and knight. She started acting with the Millibo Art Theater (MAT) where she performed in several shows including When I Was a Pirate, Where the Wild Things Are, and The Gingerbread Man. Her other interests include art, reading, and soccer.



AlexisLexi S. (Timon)
Previous played Mama Bear and Duloc Dancer in Shrek





LuciLuci C. (Lioness)
This is Luci’s first musical. Luci is currently a 2nd Grader at Chinook Trail Elementary. Luci enjoys gymnastics, swimming and MineCraft. He favorite animal is dolphins.

Mirix R. (Timon)Mirix (Timon)

Mirix Robertson-Leich, age 10, attends Woodmen Roberts Elementary and is in the 5th grade.  She loves gymnastics, reading, animals, art, and making people smile.  She brings her enthusiasm and talent to Center Stage and is excited to be a part of The Lion King!



Misha (Sarabi)

Misha J. (Sarabi)
This is Misha’s first year with Center Stage’s production of The Lion King. She took a Center Stage after school enrichment program in 2014, and she was hooked! Misha’s other interests include dancing hip hop, jazz, tap and ballet. She participates in the school choir and started playing the trumpet this year in band. Misha also loves to fence, rock climb, paint and play football in the back yard.


NilahNilah C. (Young Nala)
Last seen as Peter Pan and other characters in Shrek. Budding screenwriter with Thorns coming soon.





Reid (Mufasa)Reid C. (Mufasa)
Reid is excited to return to Center Stage for his seventh production. Previous plays include Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and most recently Shrek. Reid has enjoyed training at camps and classes through Center Stage, Westcliffe Center for the Performing Arts, Theatre Aspen, and Peak Acting Studios. When he is not acting, Reid loves playing the guitar, playing basketball and is an avid outdoorsman and a Boy Scout.


ScarletScarlet L. (Young Simba)
Previously appeared in Center Stage’s The Little Mermaid as Ariel and Shrek as the Piped Piper. Was also seen as her church’s production of The Sound of Music as Marta and a hero play and an African play at her elementary school. Member of the 2013 All-State Choir and participates in her middle school choir.



SevannaSevanna K. (Zazu)
Sevanna is a spunky 9 year old that loves to be on stage. She has been a marionette in Pinocchio, Gingy and young Fiona in Shrek and with each show she comes more and more alive. She enjoys to be around horses, traveling to see Mimi and Pa, playing star stable, and watching Pretty Little Liars with her mom. She sings in the school choir and loves to do draw. She excited to be Zazu in The Lion King.


SydneySydney (Shenzi)
Last appeared in Shrek as Knight and the Ugly Duckling. Participates in her high school choir.





Taylor D. (Rafiki)
Member of school choir. All-Star Cheer.





Taylor (Pumbaa)Taylor H. (Pumbaa)
Previously played Pinocchio in Shrek and the Red Fairy in Pinocchio.






KayDirector – Kay McNeill
Kay has been a music/drama teacher for grades K-12 in Colorado Springs School District #11 since 1975.  She owns her own training company, Education Resources, and has taught teachers nationwide for several universities, including Lesley U., Chapman U., the Univ. of Phoenix, Cal State U Hayward.  She has staged many theatrical productions for both schools and local communities and has been cited in Who’s Who in American Education.  Her creative energy is infectious.

Stage Director – Tracy Kitt

Asst. Stage Director – Lucas S.
Appeared in Brandon Heath’s “Give Me Your Eyes” music video. Assists Mom in open houses. Enjoys baseball and basketball. Looking forward to becoming a sound effects and music specialist.

Set Directors – Tricia & Jeremy Samora

Sound Director – Krista W.

Spotlight Operator – Trey F.

Stage Crew – Julie Jacobs, Beth Roren, Denise Strader

House Manager – Hannah D.
Hannah is a 5th grader in the Manitou school district. She swims with Colorado Torpedoes and sang with her previous school’s choir. She currently is learning the clarinet and enjoys reading, math, music, and sports.

House Manager – Jazmine S.

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